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Simple and secure way to sign agreements, with Absher integration and Saudi compliant templates

Sign and manage your agreements

Digitize your contracts and lose the paper trail for a seamless workflow that will increase your productivity and boost your business performance.

Prepare, Sign and Send

Upload your own template or select one of our locally compliant templates and add your e-signature in a matter of seconds.

Invite Others to Sign

Send your agreement to people in and outside of your organization including employees, stakeholders, shareholders, investors, and more.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Review and sign agreements on any device, anytime, no matter where you are in the world.

Archive your Agreements

Get a signed copy of your agreements in your inbox and another stored on the platform for documentation and security purposes.

Use our Free Saudi compliant templates

Our templates are especially designed to meet Saudi regulations, and our audit trail ensures all your company’s documents are admissible in a Court of Law as evidence.

Arabic, English or Both?

Our platform differentiates itself from others by having locally compliant templates available in Arabic but also in English, thereby reducing the hassle of creating agreements from scratch.

Free & Saudi Compliant

Take your pick from a wide range of templates especially designed to comply with Saudi laws and regulations, including but is not limited to, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), HR Agreements, Business Agreements, Board of Directors Agreements, and more.

Create Your Own

Can’t find the right template for you? Create and upload your own to the platform and start managing your recurring agreements just like that.

Keep your documents secure

Designed with Saudi law in mind, Signit reduces the turn-around time for agreements by 80%, while keeping your data secure.

Audit trail

The audit trail archives when, where, and who signed your document for you to trace back each signature to its respective signer. Our audit trail is protected against modifications and tampering.

Signit seal

The Signit seal protects your agreements from anyone who tries to make changes. This ensures that the signatures on the agreement are valid and authentic.

Data Storage

We store your data inside Saudi Arabia to comply with government rules and regulations.

Collaborate with your team

Optimize teamwork and collaboration by inviting your team members to join your company’s account.


Manage Access

Coordinate with team members from and outside of your organization by giving specific roles and permissions to view or edit the document.

Share and collaborate

GShare agreements and templates with other team members for a dynamic and effective workflow and performance.

Start your free trial today

Get familiar with Signit before you commit to a package that works for you.