Signit for IT&OPs Teams

Streamline and automate processes that require sign-off, and take your technical documents processes to the next level with Signit.

Automate your sign-off processes and save your company time and cost

Faster approvals and sign-offs

NEW Get all of your documents prepared, and signed-off efficiently and quickly. Faster approvals mean faster execution of orders and timely procurement

Boost productivity

Having all your documents signed and stored on one digital platform saves a large amount of time chasing paperwork, which enables your organization to spend it more on getting closer to the monthly goals

Integrate for a better user experience

Give your teams, customers, and partners a better experience by embedding Signit into your website or own applications

Offering compliance and security

Our Signit seal and digital audit trail ensures compliance and transparency at every stage of the signing process. You can see who signed and when, and the documents are protected from any changes once everyone signed

See how Signit can help your team perform their best

Custom branding

Include your company’s logo and other details to ensure your company’s branding is reflected on the signature requests

Bulk send and sign

Send “one-to-many” agreements for onboarding multiple new hires, updating contracts, requesting signatures on updated policy documents, or managing multiple signatures at once

Track and store

In the midst of your busy schedule, Signit’s mobile-friendly interface allows you to track the status of your contracts and send reminders, anytime, anywhere

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Increase efficiency with E-Signatures


Faster to get your agreements completed

100% paperless

All documents signed electronically


Reduction in processing errors

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