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Wednesday May 10, 2023

What Are Electronic Signatures? A Quick Overview

What Are Electronic Signatures? It’s no secret the way we sign and authenticate documents has changed. While wet signatures still exist — the ongoing digitization of business has led to the widespread adoption of electronic signatures (e-signatures) in virtually all industries.   It’s no surprise, then, that the value of the e-signature market reached $5.5 billion […] Read more →
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Wednesday April 19, 2023

How to Electronically Sign a Document?

How to Electronically Sign a Document Electronic signatures represent a more modern alternative to typical pen-and-paper documentation. Used in multiple industries, they’re a legal and efficient way to finalize contracts, secure approval on a document, or even sign a deed. What is an e-signature? An electronic signature is essentially a digital version of a physical […] Read more →
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Sunday April 9, 2023

The Best digital signature websites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Digital Signature Websites Looking for a KSA-based digital signature website? We’ve got you covered. Here are the top platforms of Digital Signature websites, and why Signit is your best option. 1. DocuSign As one of the most popular global digital signing tools available, it shouldn’t be any surprise that DocuSign made the list. It’s easy […] Read more →
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Sunday April 9, 2023

What are the most common concerns with electronic signatures?

Electronic signatures are incredibly efficient and convenient, but they aren’t without their risks. In addition to potential fraud, there are also issues like unauthorized signing, regulatory compliance, and the validity of electronic contracts. The good news is that most of the common concerns about e-signatures are easy to address — you simply need the right […] Read more →
How to make an electronic signature
Sunday April 9, 2023

How to make an electronic signature: Signit vs. DocuSign

How to make an electronic signature? Looking for an electronic signature solution for your business, but not sure what option is best for your needs? You aren’t alone.  Electronic contracts are fast becoming the norm across multiple industries. The good news is that electronic signatures are easy and secure to create.  So, what’s the best […] Read more →
how to make an electronic signature
Sunday April 9, 2023

How to create your first e-signature with Signit

how to make an electronic signature?   Electronic contracts are the future, there’s no escaping this.    Luckily, embracing that future is easier than ever with Signit.    We’ll walk you through creating your first electronic signature, show you what’s involved in signing digital documents, and answer any questions you may have about e-signatures as […] Read more →
Sunday April 9, 2023

Understanding the Legality of a Electronic Signatures in KSA

the Legality of a Electronic Signatures in KSA Saudi Arabia’s eSignature laws stem from the passing of the Electronic Transaction Law in 2007. What does this mean for businesses? It means eSignatures are legally valid and admissible in the court of law. So, let’s explore the ins and outs of this law, as well as […] Read more →
Thursday March 9, 2023

A guide to Electronic Signatures in KSA

Electronic Signatures in KSA Electronic Signatures are a very simple, yet effective tool that allows organizations to sign documents from any device. Creating legally binding documents that are admissible in courts. Using them results in reducing risks, saving time, increasing flexibility and an overall better customer experience. So what are E-signatures? And how do they […] Read more →
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Thursday July 7, 2022

All you need to know about E-signature Audit Trails

E-signature Audit Trails Many businesses have made the switch to electronic signatures with the aim to ease their workflows, but more importantly to keep their agreements and contracts valid, legal, and secure. What is an Audit Trail? While e-signatures are credible, having an Audit Trail or Digital Log goes miles further by keeping a record […] Read more →

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