Bring Banking into the Future with Signit

The banking and finance industries rely on legal documents at every stage of the customer journey. Both retail and commercial banks spend too much time processing paperwork and chasing after customers to provide consent. Integrate Signit into your workflow and make the signing process much faster and secure with our digital certificate.

Provide a better customer experience

Customers want convenience, and eSigning makes becoming a customer that much easier. Whether opening a new checking account or signing mortgage documents, simplify the entire workflow with eSigning.

Eliminate manual and paper processes

Skip the need for printing, mailing, and waiting for paperwork to get signed by adopting eSignatures. Eliminate slow manual processes and give your customers an easier, digital way to sign agreements.

Reduce errors in your workflows

Remove disruptions and human error from the contract signing process with eSignatures. Set required fields, quickly identify missing information, and fix errors without skipping a beat.

Integrate Signit for seamless signing process

Give your customers a fast, intuitive, and secure solution designed for today’s digital banking and fintechs. With Signit’s flexible eSignature API and embedded signing and sending, you can offer your customers everything they need in one place.

Signit Use Cases for Banks

Customer documents

  • Account opening documents
  • Loan and credit applications
  • Mortgage applications
  • Statement confirmations
  • Customer disputes

Administrative documents

  • Compliance documents
  • Tax documents
  • Service level agreements
  • Partner agreements

Employee documents

  • Onboarding documents
  • Offer letters
  • Employment agreements
  • NDAs

Increase efficiency with e-signatures

24-48 hour

Contract turnaround time


Reduction in document errors


Reduction in document handling costs

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