Signit for Finance Teams

Streamline agreements and sign-offs in critical finance processes in a safe and secure way.

Enhance your financial documentation processes

Build and maintain healthy financial processes

Get all of your documents prepared, and signed-off efficiently and quickly. Send financial statements to multiple signers at once

Manage your time effectively

Having all your documents signed and stored on one digital platform saves a large amount of time chasing paperwork, which enables you to spend it more on getting closer to your monthly goals

Integrate for a better user experience

Have your invoices and financial statements prepared, reviewed, and signed faster without leaving your ERP system. Get the most out of your experience in one place

Offering compliance and security

Our Signit seal and digital audit trail ensures compliance and transparency at every stage of the signing process. You can see who signed and when, and the documents are protected from any changes once everyone signed

See how Signit can help your Finance Team perform their best

Create and use your Templates

Reduce your document preparation time by creating templates for all of your agreements and contracts and save them in your library for future use

Sign your documents from any device

Our user-friendly interface allows you to access our platform and sign anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and from any device, making remote work easier for your team

Keep track of your document activity with Audit Trails

Our audit trails give you a full, transparent track of when the document was created, viewed, signed and completed and by whom. So you can stay up to date with all activities happen in your signature request

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Increase efficiency with e-signatures


Reduction document preparation time


Faster to get your agreements completed


Reduction in processing errors

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