Signit for Nonprofit

Automate the signing process with donors, volunteers, contractors, employees and other stakeholders so you can invest more time on your mission.

Spend more time on your mission and go digital for an easier signing process

Make your stakeholders happier

The easy and fast signing process can save your donors, volunteers, vendors, employees, board members, the trouble of printing, signing, scanning and sending back the signed agreement

Spend more time on your core mission

Having all your documents signed and stored on one digital platform saves a large amount of time chasing paperwork, which enables you to spend more time on your core mission

Boost productivity

Convert frequently used documents like non-disclosure agreements, volunteer contracts, and service agreements into templates and reuse them as many times as you need.

Comply with Saudi law

Your data is stored safely and securely in KSA. Our Signit seal and digital audit trail make Signit documents admissible in a Saudi Court of Law.

All your Non Profit documents managed with Signit

Finance and legal

  • Board policy approval
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Financial records approval
  • Invoice and expense approvals
  • Audit sign offs
  • NDAs


  • Service agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Statements of work
  • RFP/RFQ/RFI sign offs
  • Vendor agreements

Volunteer management

  • Volunteer agreements
  • Event registrations
  • Consent forms

Increase efficiency with e-signatures


Reduction in processing errors

100% paperless

All documents signed electronically


Reduction document preparation time

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