Signit for Healthcare

Automate the signing process with your patients, physicians and other stakeholders in a secure way, and reduce time spent on paperwork.

More efficiency, more productivity and an enhanced patients and staff experience

Reduce waiting times

Optimize patients admission and registration processes by having them sign and fill out required forms online on any desktop or mobile device

Maximize staff efficiency

Capture and manage patient data electronically. Develop the billing process and securely store medical records, allowing your staff to focus on patient care

Protect medical data

Our solution is fully compliant with Saudi Law, and our digital seal and audit trail protects and safeguards your data, storing it locally within the Kingdom

Delight patients and make them happy

By using Signit, you can have the whole document process digitized, which reduces time spent in waiting lines, the risk of lost files and improves the overall patient experience

All your Healthcare documents prepared and managed with Signit

Patient forms

  • Patient onboarding
  • Patient consent forms​
  • Claims processing​
  • Medical records updates ​

Staff and vendors

  • Employee onboarding
  • Physician credentialing
  • Vendor onboarding​
  • NDAs

Increase efficiency with e-signatures


Reduction in processing errors

100% paperless

All documents signed electronically


Reduction document preparation time

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