Signit for K-12 Education

Why go all the way to school for a simple signature? With Signit, staff members and parents can view and sign enrollment papers, application forms, parental consent for field trips, report cards, and more, wherever they are on a single platform.

Say goodbye to pen-and-paper signatures

Digitise all your paperwork in one place

Student admissions, event registrations, fee collections are some of the many paper-based documents to cycle through the year, and going digital is one way of getting rid of the frustration that comes with them. Start creating, sharing, and e-signing forms and applications with Signit.

Enjoy paperless solutions

Lead by example. By opting for a digital solution, you not only make the place you’re living in greener, but also reduce cost and expenses on resources you no longer need for a more profitable outcome.

Less overtime, more productivity

Signit helps your staff speed up the process with double the efficiency, offering helpful features to help ease the collaboration between staff members and parents without the need to go back and forth.

Improve staff/teacher partnerships

Electronic signatures help parents review, sign and submit documents from anywhere and anytime making it fast and easy to engage with your school while building trustworthy relationships.

All your educational documents managed with Signit

Enrollment documents

  • Student enrollment forms
  • Consent form
  • Offer letters
  • ID documents

Student documents

  • Emergency contact forms
  • Petitions
  • Program approvals
  • Student/Teacher reports

Staff documents

  • Job offer letters
  • Faculty and staff agreement
  • Staff NDAs
  • Leave applications
  • Appraisal forms

Increase efficiency with e-signatures


Faster to get your agreements completed


In document preparation time


Reduction in processing errors

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