The story of Mithaq Law Firm

Mithaq law saves time and money spent on preparing, sending, signing and finalizing signature requests using Signit.

SAR100 savings per document

“Signit helped me solve many issues, the first being the time, effort, and resources spent signing the traditional way, extending working hours on a single document to days and even weeks or months! ”

Asayel Al-Doulab

Junior Associate

The Problem:

We used the traditional way, pen and paper and created lots of copies of the same document for multiple parties to check and sign. We used to send the papers via DHL for example for parties who are not located in the same city. This was a very lengthy and tiring process, it took us days and sometimes months to finalize a signature deal.

The Solution:

Using Signit helped in arranging signatures, which allowed us to save time in doing administrative tasks and spend it more on activities that bring value to our company.

Using templates to prepare documents such as retainer agreements resulted in not having to scan it, which keeps it in high quality even when printing. Some of our favourite features are the multiple signers and adding initials as an annotation.

The idea behind Signit is excellent. It is still new so it needs more improvements but I believe it will be outstanding and a great solution as more features get added.

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