All you need to know about E-signature Audit Trails

How can electronic signature Audit Trails help protect your business?

E-signature Audit Trails

Many businesses have made the switch to electronic signatures with the aim to ease their workflows, but more importantly to keep their agreements and contracts valid, legal, and secure.

What is an Audit Trail?

While e-signatures are credible, having an Audit Trail or Digital Log goes miles further by keeping a record of the identity of the signer as well as where and when the document was signed. This data enables business owners to verify electronic signatures when presented in court as legal evidence and protect their company’s interests in the process. 

Why is it important?

With e-signature solutions like Signit, having an audit trail makes documents valid and therefore defensible in a court of law, while providing any judge with the relevant and needed data, such as:

  • The timestamp of the e-signature (secured seal).
  • The signer’s email address .
  • A record of the changes made as well as who made them and when.
  • Where the document was stored.

To protect an audit trail, businesses can add a digital seal to their contracts and agreements in order to keep other parties from tampering or altering them.

Some Use Cases:

Now that more industries are adopting the digital solution, a wider range of documents is accepted in a court of law, and these include, but are not limited to: 

  • Sales agreements
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Non-Disclosure agreements 
  • Business contracts 
  • Purchase contracts 
  • Financial disclosures 
  • Partnership agreements 
  • Employment agreements 

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Partnering with an e-signature solution platform increases your team’s productivity and facilitates the collaboration process. It not only eases the workflow but also exponentially reduces turnaround time. 

Manage and sign agreements in a fast and secure way, and not only that! Enjoy our free Saudi compliant templates available in both Arabic and English.


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